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A Guide to Learning Your Hair Type

Did you know that there are specific hair types that hair is categorized by? Hair type is based on the structure of your hair. Due to the numerous hair types, there is no universal hair or product, routine, or classification system that applies to everyone. Structure refers to the thickness of our hair, how it holds particular styles, and how it responds to hair products. Hair texture usually refers to the natural shape or pattern of our hair dries in after being washed. Finally, hair porosity refers to our hair’s ability to absorb moisture and product. High porosity absorbs moisture because of tears in the hair cuticle; meanwhile, low porosity is when the hair cuticle has product build-up due to moisture not easily being absorbed. It’s important to remember that not everyone’s hair will fit in one category. Most people have a combination of several hair types. Use this guide to find out what hair type you have!

Type 1: straight hair (1A, 1B, 1C). Straight hair consists of natural oils from the scalp to ends, making the hair strands strong and resilient. Due to its thinness, it tends to be flat and is the silkiest of hair types. Holding a curl often requires shape-defining styling products. Type 1A is defined as hair that is thin or fine with a soft texture. Type 1B has body and medium texture. Type 1C has a thicker and coarse texture that is resistant to curling heat products and requires a firm hold.

Type 2: wavy hair. It forms itself in an S-shaped pattern with a visible sheen. Wavy hair can range from beachy textured to undefined waves. Type 2A is fine-textured hair that is capable of being straightened or curled. Type 2B has defined waves that frame the face and is prone to frizz. Type 2C is a coarse texture loose defined curls that tends to face a frizz factor which can be remedied with anti-frizz products.

Type 3: tighter S-shaped pattern or a loose coiled pattern. These curls are defined and springy, resulting in big loose curls and spirals. Type 3A is a loose curl with natural shine. Type 3B is a loose spiral ringlet curl. Type 3C is a tight curl. Try twirling small sections of your curls around your fingers when damp to encourage definition.

Type 4: coiled or zigzag hair that is a tight curl pattern. Texture ranges from fine to coarse; curls that are small and defined by coily S or Z shape patterns dominate this type. Type 4A is a dense S-shaped coil. Type 4B is a dense and thick Z-shaped coil pattern. Type 4C is a Z-pattern hair.

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