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A Match Made in Heaven

You know those moments when you finish applying a full face of makeup, only to realize your foundation is in the complete wrong shade? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. I have had my fair share of instances overestimating my sun-kissed glow. In an effort to minimize the risk of such unfortunate events and make sure you are only purchasing makeup for your skin tone, Bella Beauty NYC has the ultimate tool available. Introducing the Motives® Custom Blend Foundation—custom made powder and liquid foundation color-matched and personalized just for you.

With the help of this incredible tool, you no longer have to go off on a whim and guess which makeup shades are meant for you. The perfect foundation for your tone and complexion is right around the corner. Not only that, but consider products with harmful oils, dyes, fragrances, and talc a thing of the past. The Motives® Custom Blend Foundation is made of only the best ingredients made to make you feel your most beautiful. To start your customization process, take the comprehensive survey formulated by expertly trained consultants, giving them the best idea of your foundation needs. In doing so, they will be able to determine your exact skin tone and undertone, providing you with a Custom Blend Foundation that melts seamlessly into your skin.

To ensure you are getting exactly what you need, you can personalize your foundation to not only your skin type, but also your lifestyle and preferences. For me, my active lifestyle leads to severe oil build up on my skin. Therefore, I need a foundation strong enough to minimize my shine and withstand the demands of my day-to-day life. Although that may sound like a lot to ask, that is what the Custom Blend Foundation is for. In the simple three-step formulation process, having the best foundation is made easier than ever.

First, you declare your preferences. Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation? After deciding, you must choose your finish and coverage. Last but not least, you are given the option to enhance your foundation through the inclusion of additives. With these skin-perfecting ingredients and pure pigments, you can simultaneously improve your skin while covering it. Essentially, the Motives® Custom Blend Foundation is an all-inclusive one stop shop for any coverage needs. Rather than spending a fortune on separate foundations, concealers, finishing powders, and more, consider the Custom Blend process to make the load easier on both you and your wallet. Soon, you and your foundation will truly be a match made in heaven.

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