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All Eyes on You: Elevating Your Outfit

Sometimes clothing isn’t enough to make you feel dressed up or put together. Standing out doesn’t have to always focus on your outfit. Using various accessories and techniques, you can spice up your daytime and nighttime looks! Here are some ways to complete and elevate your look.

One fun way to add an extra element to your style is through makeup. A dark, dramatic smokey eye look or a bright red lip can bring a lot of focus to your face. Pairing a smokey eye with a neutral lip can help the eye stand out more. Likewise, if you want a red lip as your focal point, complementing it with a neutral eye can make your lips stand out without having your makeup be too busy. A great eyeshadow palette for a sexy, sultry eye look is The Iconic Palette. Inside the Iconic palette, there are also 4 neutral lip shades that match an eye look perfectly.

Jewelry that is dramatic or attention-grabbing can help you stand out and help complete your outfit. The first step in finding your perfect piece is to pick golf silver, or be daring and mix them. Once you decided, look for statement jewelry. Some good examples include pearl earrings or necklaces, hoop earrings, or stackable bracelets and rings.

Handbags are a great accessory to add class and grace to an outfit. If you need something to hold your wallet and phone, why not incorporate it into your look? Try a colorful or shiny bag to add interest to your outfit. Kate Spade New York has a bunch of summer bags that are bright and fun. Although they are a little on the pricey side, they often have sales. The Daisy Vanity Crossbody in garden pink is on sale for $99 and is the perfect day-to-night accessory. Another pretty summertime bag is JW Pei’s The Fae Top Handle Bag in sage green croc.

A unique hairstyle can bring such a stylish and pretty aspect to an outfit. An elegant braid or simple up-do can be a subtle way to spice up your look. Simply search online for fun hairstyles (we recommend looking on Youtube or Pinterest) and do your best to replicate or be inspired by your selected look. Consider adding hair accessories like hair clips or barrettes to add more emphasis. A great place to look for fun accessories is Etsy, where you can find things like these “Strawberry Crystal Hair Clips.” If you’re feeling fun and spontaneous, consider using temporary hair dye to change up your look. Overtone’s Coloring Conditioners are temporary hair dyes that generally wash out within a few washes.

Trying new techniques to add interest to your looks is such a fun and simple way to make yourself feel good about the way you look. If you tried any of these techniques, make sure to tag us on our Instagram, @bellabeautynyc.

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