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Declutter and Let Your Mind Flutter

Spring cleaning is not just for the springtime. You can declutter your life whenever you feel overwhelmed with the amount of items you have accumulated. Whether you are reorganizing or fully emptying your house, trying to get rid of things, it is always nice to purge your space. I like to break up my decluttering into sections: my bedroom, my closet, my makeup, and miscellaneous. You can look at a shirt and ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this, and will I wear it in the next month?” That can help you make a decision on whether or not to keep the item. Minimize the amount of items you own that you rarely use.

With a beautiful makeup collection, it can be easier to get rid of because makeup can expire as opposed to clothes or knickknacks. Makeup has a little expiration date on products, which are typically 6-24 months. Expired makeup can dry out, change its color, and even start to harbor bacteria. That can cause redness, breakouts or even cause an infection if you have broken skin. It is always good to check the expiration date before using your product. This is when you can declutter a bit. If you have a product that is past the expiration date, it’s time to bring it to makeup heaven. Go through your makeup and get rid of all of your expired products so that you can protect your skin. If you want to declutter even more, you can donate products that are not expired but that you do not use as often as others. You can donate products that are new or slightly used to Project Beauty Share. If you have product that are not open or expired, you can donate them to Beauty Bus or Share Your Beauty.

Free your space, and be more organized with your makeup and around your house. The more I declutter, the easier it gets to empty my space of things I do not need or use. Getting into the habit of letting go, will make it more of a routine. Recognize that you use one product more than the other or wear one shirt all the time, but never wear that one item that you have been hanging onto just in case you want to wear it.

Set up an environment with an open area where you can create sections for what you are willing to keep, unsure, donate. For items you cannot give away, like expired makeup, have a trash can handy. Seeing all of your clutter in one area can really help assess what you need and do not need. I like to take a full day to declutter, but it can certainly be done throughout a week or so if you tackle smaller areas in your home. Start with a junk drawer, then a closet, then you can look at an entire room. There is no pressure when decluttering! If you really want to hang on to a lot more things than you are giving away, there is no shame. What is valuable to you is valuable if it has meaning.

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