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Dress For Success

Time to exude confidence by dressing for the success we want. To build a power outfit, you cannot just wear red and call it a day. It is about finding pieces that feel good on your body and fit well. A power outfit can be like Blair Waldorf wearing pearls and a stylish coat, or more of a relaxed sweatpants kind of look. A power outfit is not just in your mind; it is how the clothes feel on you and how they make you feel more empowered. Clothes dictate your actions for the day.

Get up in the morning ready for success, and put on your favorite clothing items. For me, my power outfit can change from a stylish jumpsuit I wear on job interviews to the pretty top I have for going out that just makes me want to dance all the time. Clothes exude emotions to make us feel comfortable, confident, and powerful. I look to my favorite characters in shows and movies, like Elle Woods, Donna from Mamma Mia, Rory Gilmore, and everyone from The Bold Type. People who I see are Boss Women who can control their own lives and what they wear. I ask myself, “Would Donna have a musical number in this outfit?”

For Elle Woods, her power suit is pink, pink, and pinker. It’s not just the bend, and snap that makes her get attention, it is the way she presents herself through her clothing that makes her more confident. The feeling is everything with clothing. Does a certain color wash me out, or compliment my skin tone?

Power outfits come in handy no matter the occasion. Got a big presentation? Use your power outfit. Have a hot date to go on...power outfit! Channel your inner Beyonce and be sure to rock your clothing. Dress to impress ...yourself. Know your value with your clothes and yourself!

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