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From CVS to the City Streets

We have all fallen victim to walking into a store for one item and leaving with twenty. If you are the .01% of the population with enough willpower to refrain from doing so, I admire you. However, if you are the other 99.99% of people in the world, that’s okay! We have all been there. I mean, how could you walk past the aisles of candy, makeup, and ice-cream pints and not grab some? That just wouldn’t be right. So, if you’re anything like me, you explore the beauty aisles pondering reasons as to why you need a fresh tube of mascara or a new eyeshadow palette. It’s time to embrace it! For all the lovers of drugstore makeup (and those who simply can’t resist snagging it), I am here to offer great tips on how to get the most out of your purchases and be ready to take them from the CVS aisles to the city streets.

There’s no shame in coming home from the store and adding another fresh tube of mascara to your constantly growing collection. After all, mascara is an essential makeup staple for any look. However, in trying to use up all that you’ve bought, those heavy coats of mascara can backfire on us. But there’s no need to worry: You can easily make droopy and clumpy eyelashes a thing of the past with the help of the Motives® Lash Primer. This primer is a conditioning base built to moisturize your lashes for full, extended wear. By adding texture to your look, this flake-resistant formula will make your lashes appear fuller and longer, all while strengthening them. If you are looking to elevate your drugstore mascara, the Motives® Lash Primer is definitely a must.

Speaking of primer for your eyelashes, get the most out of your freshly purchased eyeshadow palette with the Motives® Eye Base. The creamy and weightless formula of this base makes your eyelids the perfect canvas for any look you wish to create. Not only that, but the Motives® Eye Base extends the wear of your eyeshadow, prevents creasing, and intensifies your overall look. Who could ask for more? There is nothing worse than (accidentally) spending money on a seemingly good palette just to watch the eyeshadow crease and melt away after an hour or two. In order to ensure that no spur-of-the-moment palette purchase goes to waste, incorporate this expertly formulated eye base to your latest look.

Last but not least, to make sure your look stays intact for the whole city to see, everything must be set into place. Enter the Motives® Luminous Translucent Pressed Powder, built to be the perfect finisher for any look. This smooth powder helps to blur fine lines, providing an even and soft complexion that will help radiate your glow from the inside out. By providing long-lasting coverage and hydration to your skin, quickly applying this pressed powder on top of your preexisting look is a no-brainer.

In utilizing these few products, you can elevate your drugstore makeup look to a whole new level. Soon, you will be more than ready to march onto the streets with a look that is prepared to overcome any obstacle.

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