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Girlfriends’ Guide to A Successful (& Safe) Spa Get-Together

What is there to do when you’ve got a great group of friends, a sea of self-care products, and a beautiful day? As my Calculus teacher would say: The limit does not exist. Over the last few months, I may have accumulated virtually every self-care product under the sun—too many to be used on my own. Do you have the same affliction? While all of those face masks, nail polishes, body scrubs, and bath bombs may last you years’ worth of Self-Care Sundays, doing these rituals on our own becomes boring. So, why not join forces with your friends and create your own socially distanced backyard spa day! Luckily, the Bella Beauty NYC team has accumulated the perfect guide to a fun and safe self-care get-together with your besties.

The first step to a picture perfect spa-day begins with ideal weather. In order to seize the day, be proactive in your planning and search for the perfect weather to schedule your spa-day festivities. A nice 75℉ and sunny would make for a great and relaxing atmosphere. Coupled with some chilled beverages, you already have the makings of a celebration. Make sure to wear SPF protection, though!

The next step of the guide is to organize your spa-day stations. A great way to set up the event without breaking the bank is by asking each of your friends what excess products they have laying around. For me, quarantine has led to a lot of impromptu face-mask purchases, and I bet I am not alone in that. Have each of your friends do a little digging and see what they can contribute. From nail polishes for a mani/pedi station to Jade Rollers for a nice massage, before you know it, you will have a full-blown spa ready without any extra spending. Divide up the different stations into safely distanced sections and you’re good to go!

The last, and arguably most important, step of the guide is simple: Be present. Now more than ever, with all of our extra isolated alone time, surrounding yourself with positive energy and the people you love is vital. Scrolling through Instagram, binging TikTok videos, and watching Snapchats can all wait till you are back home and staying up until 2am (although not advised). Engage in conversations with those around you, check in on everyone, ask how they’re doing, and simply enjoy the quality time you get to spend with the wonderful people in your life. Even though the self-care spa festivities are amazing, the memories you get to create are even better.

Our reality may be looking a little different these days, but fun times with friends do not need to be sacrificed indefinitely. Get creative and keep safety in mind as you have a terrific time with those you love. Pack up your at-home spa and get ready to put this guide to use! An amazing and memorable spa get-together with your girlfriends is right around the corner.

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