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Home Remedies to the Rescue

Although conventionality can be great, sometimes in life, we need to explore the unconventional route. The beauty industry is no exception. From the start, we have been told that acne creams are the best ways to prevent breakouts, moisturizers are the best ways to hydrate the skin, serums are the best ways to reduce signs of aging, and so much more. Yes, these things are undeniably great, but they aren’t the only remedies to our problems. Sometimes, the perfect solution lies in household items or products you never thought to use. So, let’s dive into some of the best unconventional beauty hacks that not only guarantee results, but will also shift your outlook forever.

If you suffer from inflammation or puffiness surrounding the eyes, try potatoes as your remedy. Little did we know, the liquid in potatoes is naturally medicinal and proven to aid in the reduction of swelling on the skin. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me, it works. All you have to do is thinly slice a potato, refrigerate for about 10-15 minutes, apply to the eyes for 15-30 minutes and soon, you will see a significant reduction in swelling. If you are in search of a quick fix and only have potatoes in the house, look no further. With this great tip, consider puffy eyes a thing of the past.

Now, we dive into an all too-familiar scenario: You get a relentless pimple right before a big event and your go-to acne cream bottle is nowhere to be found. Normally, this would cause a spiral of panic and distress but not with this secret remedy. All you need to do is mix ½ teaspoon of salt with water to form a paste. Apply it to the affected area for anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight. Soon, you will see a measurable shrink in the size and overall redness of the blemish. To further increase those benefits, consider adding turmeric to the mixture, as its great antimicrobial properties will prevent the buildup of excess oils and bacteria. Now, instead of racing to the store to pick up a fresh bottle, you can save both time and money with this hack.

This next solution is one that nearly everyone searches for. What is the best way to exfoliate and rid yourself of dry skin? While classic exfoliators are a great way to remove dead skin and promote cell turnover, you can heighten these benefits with just a simple at-home touch: brown sugar. Once the long week has come to a close and your face feels tired and dry, consider adding brown sugar to your classic exfoliation mask for the ultimate cleanse. This addition will provide you with an even deeper scrub to remove the wear and tear of a week’s worth of makeup. Better yet, this scrub is not limited to only the facial area. Apply your exfoliation mixture to any part of your body that feels extra dry and soon, you will feel brand spankin’ new.

In life, sometimes the best results come from taking the unconventional approach. From spot reducers to dry-skin reducers, there is almost always a great and simple at-home alternative to the classic beauty approaches we have ingrained in our minds. So, try these hacks out for yourself and see the great differences they can makeyou will never look at these random supplies the same way again.

If you are on the search for more tips, let us know. The Bella Beauty NYC team always has more to share!

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