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I Can See It Now

Vision boards can help to manifest your future with visible and attainable goals. Instead of writing them down on sticky notes, vision boards are in your face to get those goals accomplished. You can easily visualize your dreams to make them seem more attainable, and you are more likely to go after them. Seeing your goals every day hung up in your home will reinforce those ideas into your brain to really achieve those ideas.

Vision boards can be made for your goals at work, in life, in improving yourself, and with activities. It is typical to make these boards for a full year, like New Year’s resolutions. It is better to make a vision board for just one year, so that your goals are not pushed off to the following year. You can look at the example on the right, which has images of things to be accomplished within a year. Some ideas: graduating from school, traveling, reading more often, doing makeup, moving out, finding love with friends or in a relationship and more. They can be things you want to do in hopes to make yourself and your life better. You can also put words of encouragement or a mantra that you hope to start saying. A vision board’s purpose is to ensure that you accomplish your dreams in life, and aspire to better yourself and your experiences.

Vision boards can be specific to an area in your life, like makeup, fitness, or your job. I am always trying new makeup looks and products, and it helps to make a vision board of lots of different ideas to try out. You can put your own spin on a makeup look, or follow a tutorial you’ve been wanting to master. I like to look up images online then print them out. When I was little, it was a lot more fun to cut out pictures from old magazines and glue them together. It takes a bit more time, but you can be selective of the images and it makes it more of an activity, rather than a five-minute collage online. Seeing it in person can establish that it is actually going to happen.

We can manifest the next year of our life in a way that will solidify those dreams in making them more tangible. Goals can be attainable as long as you try hard to make it happen. One of my goals is to be more sustainable in my daily life, by using less plastic and not wasting the resources that I have. It is one of the things on my vision board, and so far I have been more mindful of the plastic items I purchase and how I can better reuse things. Vision boards are a way for us to see our goals to make them more real, instead of being hidden on a piece of paper somewhere. What will you put on your vision board?

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