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I Spy with My Little Eye…

If you have ever been bored at the dinner table, restless during a long car ride, or anything in between, you are all too familiar with the game of “I Spy.” This game is one of strategy: Pick an object that is small, yet bold enough that it cannot be missed. This is where you come in. As the times are beginning to change and society is creeping back towards normalcy, you have the opportunity to get out and go back to grabbing the attention of those around you. I know what you’re thinking: “How can I turn heads when half of mine is being covered with a mask?” It’s all in our eyes. No matter where you may be off to, Bella Beauty NYC has the perfect palettes for any place, making your eyes pop like never before and keeping you safe and healthy while doing so.

If you’re making your way back to the office, the Motives® Boss Babe Palette is for you. Formulated to embody what it’s like to be a woman on the rise, this palette includes the perfect blend of colors for both a subtle and powerful look. With ten shades ranging from shimmer to matte, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you're creating a look for the workforce or a side hustle, the palette will make you feel focused and fabulous—allowing you to embrace your Boss Babe status and all that comes with it. If you’re really feeling fancy, consider wearing a nude-colored mask to compliment these shades. You will be more than ready to conquer what lies ahead.

If you like to run errands in style, the Motives® Goal Digger Palette is calling your name. Filled with subtle gold hues and powerful dark shimmers, this palette covers every look for anything on your to-do list. Whether you are running to the grocery store, shopping around the mall, or just strutting around the neighborhood, you will look and feel more than ready to tackle any goal. Formulated to make you the game changer of your own world, these amazing shades create unstoppable looks that will keep your eyes popping. Couple your look with a burgundy mask and you are set.

If you want to make a statement when out on the town, the Motives® Jet Setter Palette is your key to success. With darker neutrals and other vibrant hues, turning heads when using this palette is easy. This palette keeps all options on the table with browns, blues, purples, and more. No matter where you’re headed, the Motives® Jet Setter Palette sets you up for a show-stopping look. Try it out with a navy-blue mask and you are bound to draw a crowd.

Although these times may be strange, there is no need to sacrifice dazzling looks when heading back out. Complement your mask with any of these dazzling palette options and you will turn heads at any occasion. Stay fun with these looks and most importantly, stay safe while doing so!

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