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“Leaf” Your Summer Wardrobe Behind

Fall is my favorite time of year, not just because Starbucks brings back their Pumpkin Spice, but the colors! The leaves change, dropping a sea of yellow, orange, and red throughout our lawns. While they are not always fun to rake up, they are perfect to match our eyeshadows with. One eyeshadow palette I have been loving is Motives Visionaire Eye Shadow Palette. It has rich Fall shades for all skin tones to go with your Fall wardrobe. The shade Sinful, a fiery copper tone, is just what you need to perfect your Fall eye look.

Out with the pastels, and in with the jewel tones. Another Fall trend this year is the darker sides of pastels. Burgundy, plum, emerald green, and mustard yellow to the rescue! A moody dark lip is perfect for the next few months. Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick in the shade Naughty is a great shade. Bring a darker color into your look.

Plaid is also making a comeback. This fall we are giving off Clueless vibes with a matching plaid set. Flannels are a fall staple: ie them around your waist or wear them as a button-up. Plaid makes a statement. Pair some plaid with a long trench coat and you will rock the autumn months. Long trenchcoats are not just for 1930s detectives; trench coats make a statement no matter your gender. Plaid and trenchcoats just scream Fall 2020!

Mixing textures and patterns can be bold and pay off in the best ways. Mix a silk top with plaid jeans. This creates a sense of hard and soft, and is a perfect transition outfit from summer to fall. Patchwork is coming back in style, so this fall is the perfect time to try out all of our sewing skills. Customize a top or a pair of jeans with patches of old or ill-fitting articles of clothing you have lying around. It’s an easy DIY to do at home with basic supplies.

This fall we are putting our fashion feet forward to bring back old trends along with new exciting ones. Jewel tones that are compatible with your skin tone are perfect to bring out your natural beauty. Reddish brown hair can be complemented with emerald green and a mauve purple. Blonde hair paired with royal blue, and dark brown hair paired with gold or a dark purple. The most important thing is to make sure you feel confident in the things going on in your body. You do not have to follow a trend just because everyone else does. Fall is all about turning over a new leaf, so why not start with your wardrobe!

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