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Make Masks Count

Looking back to just a few short months ago, the idea of incorporating face masks into our everyday dress seemed completely crazy. However, just as we are having to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the world, this is a new norm we must also grow comfortable embracing. Luckily, the fashion industry is lending a helpful hand in smoothing this transition by creating trendy masks for every outfit, as well as making an effort to donate to those in need.

Re/Done is a fabulous company creating stylish masks from recycled t-shirts. In purchasing their masks, not only will you be protecting yourself and others in one-of-a-kind style, but you are also putting old fabric to good use. Even better, with every mask sold, Re/Done has committed to donating 5 masks to frontline heroes with the amazing help of Donate PPE. Whether you are in the mood for solids, tie-dyes, or more, Re/Done is a great place for a mask purchase that aids a great cause. Shop

Reformation is another company dedicated to keeping every individual safe, no matter their circumstances. Therefore, with every purchase of a mask, they are committed to donating one to several different causes. Further, they even offer the option of purchasing masks to donate on your behalf. As if their style and sustainability wasn’t enough, the measures taken by Reformation are truly commendable and ones you should consider partaking in as well. Shop

With the #SancturaryGivesBack initiative, Sanctuary is yet another brand making efforts to unite its customers during this challenging time. With every purchase of a mask, Sanctuary donates to individuals in need, ensuring that everyone is given the opportunity to be kept safe. With several stylish options formulated for both men and women, Sanctuary is a great option to fit your masking needs. Shop

Previously known for their donation efforts when it comes to backpacks, STATE has now expanded on giving back when it comes to their new masks. The #masksforall Movement they’ve started donates a mask to Feeding America with every purchase, as well as furthers their ongoing efforts to provide STATE backpacks and fanny packs to frontline and healthcare workers across the country. Shop

With the help of all of these companies and many more, you can protect yourself and help protect those around you during these uncertain times. Now, you never have to sacrifice safety and style again.

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