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Must-Try TikTok Makeup Challenges

Over the past year, TikTok has entertained us with viral moments that have diverted our attention seconds at a time and brought us comedy, challenges, and trends during stay-at-home orders in 2020. TikTok has become a significant beauty influence that has convinced us to buy new products, inspire creative looks, and enlighten us with beauty hacks. The app has given rise to several of the latest trends; there is a TikTok beauty trend for everyone interested in makeup. Bella Beauty NYC has compiled a list of our favorite TikTok beauty trends for you to try!

The Draw My Makeup Challenge is a trend in which beauty gurus ask their fans to draw them a makeup look that they will create on their page. If you are up for a challenge, invite your friends via Snapchat to draw a makeup look on their eyes for you to recreate.

HBO’s Euphoria is famous for the makeup looks of the characters in the show. After one season, the Emmy-nominated series inspired many trends, leading to the Euphoria Makeup Challenge. Turn to colored rhinestones and gems, glossy lips, glitter, and shimmers for your Euphoria inspired look.

The newest TikTok makeup challenge is comparing your 2016 makeup routine to your 2021 one. The process includes splitting your face down the middle, with one side representing your 2016 self and the other you in 2021 (now). Five years is a long time in the beauty world. 2016 was all for full-coverage matte foundation, heavy contour, and dramatic eyebrows. Meanwhile, 2021 fresh-face, natural looks with glossy lips, soap brows, and a shimmery highlighter.

The Makeup Brush Challenge is the best trend to try with friends. The challenge begins with one person who is makeup-free. They grab a makeup brush and hold it over the camera lens. Then they reveal themselves in full glam before passing or throwing the brush in the direction your friend will catch it in the following video. Have your friend make a separate video where they “catch” the brush and edit your videos one after another. You can pass the brush to as many friends as you would like!

There are countless TikTok Makeup Challenges out there for you to try yourself or with a friend! Here at Bella Beauty NYC, we will be posting our rendition of the Makeup Brush Challenge on our account to celebrate 1,000 followers on Instagram! Follow us on TikTok @bellabeautynyc and on Instagram @bellabeautynyc and let us know which TikTok trend you will be trying.

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