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New Beginnings

The month of September has officially begun, and with that brings the sad and unfortunate close to our summer. The first few weeks of September are always accompanied by apprehension, as to me, September signals the beginning of a new chapter—our next chapter. No matter who you are, the upcoming months always involve something new. Whether it be the start of the school year, the beginning of a new job, or the decision to follow your own pursuits, there are truly endless possibilities about what the next few months may bring. Now more than ever, we face these new beginnings with fear and uncertainty. Not knowing how things will unfold is hard to cope with, but, if these last few months have taught us anything, it is the power and need to adapt: adapting to change, adjusting to the new, forgetting the old, and embracing the opportunity to make the most out of any situation. Although the circumstances of this summer may not have been ideal, they gifted us with time. What has this time taught you?

If there’s anything I have taken away, it is the vitality of appreciation. Never before would I have thought I would miss waking up early and going to class. Never before would I find myself longing for a schedule of work to do. Never before would I be wishing for a list of places I needed to be. People always say “it’s the little things”, and before this whirlwind of a summer, I never fully understood just what that meant. However, it is now more clear than ever. Going into this new chapter, I understand the need to cherish every moment, no matter how seemingly insignificant. It is so easy to be wishing that things could be as they once were, but rather than spending our energy wallowing and reminiscing, think of how we can use our energy to be creative in forming new and special moments for ourselves. This year could be the best one yet and we may not even know it.

Another thing these last few months have taught me is the value of communication. Before, it was so easy for me to become preoccupied by my busy schedule that I neglected to reach out and check in on those that I care about. However, in being able to take the time to slow down, I realized how important it is to communicate with your loved ones, both friends and family. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and I firmly believe that there is no better way to lift your spirits than spending the time talking, texting, or facetiming with the important people in your life. As summer comes to a close and the chaos of fall begins to commence, refrain from letting all of your to-do’s get in the way of checking in on one another. You are never alone in your hurt and your struggles, so don’t be afraid to lean on those around you when you need it most. Everyone may get busy, but no one is too busy to lend you an ear.

During these next few weeks, it is okay to feel all the feels. If your emotions are ranging on a wide scale from nerves to excitement like me, that is totally okay. Embrace the discomfort of these new beginnings and allow yourself to grow and flourish in the face of change. The Bella Beauty NYC team is always here to support you and prove that you are far more capable than you even know!

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