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Next Stop: Hydration Station

We’ve all been told by our doctors, parents, teachers, and more, just how important staying hydrated is. And it’s true. As humans, roughly three-fourths of our body weight is made up of water. From our organs down to our cells, water plays an instrumental role in sustaining life. However, in order for water to work its magic of flushing waste, protecting sensitive body tissue, and nourishing the body (just to name a few), it must be maintained at specific amounts. Let’s dive further into the importance of staying hydrated and provide some great tips.

Being that the cells of the skin are primarily made up of water, depriving yourself of this nutrient causes your skin to suffer greatly. Dehydration keeps your skin from performing its best, causing unfortunate repercussions such as premature aging, and a dry and sensitive complexion. The water in our bodies is what provides our skin with the most moisture. When we are lacking water, our skin fails to moisturize, no matter how many hydrating products we may be adding to its surface. Therefore, in order to optimize the benefits of the skincare products you use, drinking adequate amounts of water is a must. Not only that, but water’s ability to flush out toxins helps remove bacteria from the pores, reduce excess oils, and get rid of acne. As amazing as skincare regimens are, the best cure to troublesome skin is water, water, and more water.

In conjunction with your skin, water plays an instrumental role in achieving luscious-looking hair. When the body is not receiving sufficient water, it causes your hair to weaken and subsequently, it becomes more prone to breakage. As a result, your hair becomes deprived of moisture, leading to excess frizz, a lack of volume, minimal shine, and a poor response to treatment. Water, yet again, reigns as the best regimen for supporting healthy hair.

Overall, water is essential to keeping all parts of us healthy, energized, and well-functioning. You may be wondering, if the benefits of water are so obvious, why do so many people struggle to consume enough? Although seemingly essential, many people are challenged to drink the recommended minimum of 2 liters per day. However, no need to worry! The Bella Beauty NYC team has gathered some great tips to keep you hydrated around the clock.

One of the biggest tips is to always have water on hand. Whether that means having a glass at every meal or carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go, having a hydration source by your side at all times serves as a great reminder to drink up. If just chugging plain water doesn’t suit you, consider adding some flavor. There are many ways to spice up your water, including purchasing store-bought beverages or infusing your own with some droplets or fruit. Eating water-filled foods, like fruits and vegetables, is always a great way to add extra water to your diet. In reality, sufficient water intake is easier to achieve than you may think. Remember to hydrate often and you’re golden!

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