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Projecting Pride

Of all the virtues that humans possess, pride ranks up there. Nowadays, it feels as though society is projecting unrealistic expectations at us at a constant rate. However, the month of June reminds us to take a step back from the madness, and remember that we should always remain unapologetically ourselves. No matter who you are or how you identify, you should be proud of the person you have become. We have all undergone our fair share of obstacles and have had to navigate our ways through various bumps in the road, but no path to personal growth is linear. Finding yourself on the other side of those challenges is what has helped mold you into the individual you are today. Pride Month serves as a great reminder to give yourself the extra gratitude and love that you deserve.

Here at Bella Beauty NYC, embracing individuality and beauty in all its forms encompasses exactly what we stand for. Take the time to reflect: What makes you feel proud? Although no one needs makeup to feel special, it is used as a tool for self-expression, allowing individuals to visually show others who they really are. The Bella Beauty NYC team is an ally for each and every one of you, providing products and strategies to make you feel excited to flaunt yourself.

Behind every individual, from outgoing to introverted, is a bright personality. It is always there just waiting to shine through. So, why not indulge in products that reflect that! The Motives® Glitter Pots and Motives® for La La Shimmers are the perfect tool to allow your amazing self to sparkle at all times. With shimmery shades for every color of the rainbow, these products are perfect for festive occasions. By adding a little dazzle to your look, you can show others how you feel without ever having to explain.

The vast array of Motives® Lip Candies shades provide you with the perfect finishing gloss for any look, mood, and person. With colors ranging from bright to subtle, incorporating these glosses into your routine helps to add a pinch more of personality to your everyday look. In conjunction with the shimmery eyes, you will have a show-stopping look that shows you off for the whole city to see.

The good news is, we do not need a designated 30 days to feel proud of who we are. That feeling can remain constant throughout every day, month, season, and year. No matter who you are, Bella Beauty NYC is here to tell you that you are absolutely incredible and have every reason to take pride in the person you have become.

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