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Quality Over Quantity

The phrase, “quality over quantity”, is one that individuals often gloss over, but in reality, it holds the richest meaning. Unlike many others, this phrase is applicable to several aspects of life. No matter the instance however, it always shares the same premise: the quality of the things in your life is far more important than the tangible amount. The world of makeup is no exception. When it comes to the products used on your skin, high priority should be placed on their contents. Although it can be fun to open drawers overflowing with lip glosses, eyeliners, and eyeshadow palettes, what good do they do if a majority go untouched? Rather, wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in fewer high quality products that consistently make you feel your best? If you are looking to prioritize quality rather than quantity, here are a few great products for you.

Starting with your skin, we often find ourselves using several different foundations, concealers, and bronzers to provide us with the perfect combination of coverage and glow. Not only does this make for a draining application process (and even more draining reapplication process), but it also makes it for an expensive upkeep. Instead, consider investing in the Motives® Custom Blend Foundation, providing you with the perfect personalized foundation made just for you. In providing the team of trained experts with your skin type, activity level, and lifestyle preferences, they can formulate the all-in-one best foundation for you—eliminating the need for excess spending on other similar products. To learn more about it, click to read our article all about it.

Moving onto the eyes, do you ever find yourself obsessing over droopy eyelashes and eyeliner smudge? Do you find yourself constantly seeking a mirror and reapplying your makeup, just to see the bottles run dry a few weeks later? In comes the secret hack you didn’t know you needed: waterproof eye makeup. Not only do waterproof products reduce the smear of long wear, but they help to hold your look in place. Rather than frequently purchasing tubes of generic mascara and eyeliner pens, invest in high-quality waterproof products that are bound to last. Ones such as the Motives® Lustrafy Waterproof Mascara and the Motives® Waterproof Eye Pencil will prove to be dependable products for any type of day you may face.

Last but not least, cracked lips are one of the biggest problems that individuals cannot seem to escape. As a result, we find ourselves purchasing packs and packs of cheap lip balm, but never realize that such frequent purchases are an outcome of seeing minimal results. Consider switching to the Motives® Hydrating Lip Balm, a lip treatment that provides immediate and sustained antioxidant protection against the environment and helps to replenish your lip’s natural moisture barrier. In doing so, you will quickly see improvements in the way your lips both look and feel, leaving no need to spend money on tubes and tubes of generic chapstick again.

Although these products just touch the surface, prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to your makeup is extremely important. In fact, it is one of the things Bella Beauty NYC cares for most. In shifting your mindset, you are bound to see a much happier and healthier version of yourself.

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