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Ready for Bed?

Ending a full day of work sitting on your phone for an hour in the dark before bed is not going to give you a full night’s rest. Sleep is one of the most important things for your body in order to take charge of the following day to come. A better night’s sleep can improve concentration and productivity. Sleep improves your overall function as a person and poor sleep has been linked to depression and other negative effects of the body. Start your night off right so that the following day can be even better than the last.

The best thing to do after a long day is to get home and relax whether that be with your favorite binge-worthy show, or curling up with a thrilling novel. Unwind a bit from the day you had to so you can have a good evening. Mixing a little fitness into your nighttime routine can be very beneficial for your body and for your mind to focus on something other than technology. I like to do yoga for 20-30 minutes every evening before or sometimes after dinner to make sure that I wasn’t just sitting around all day. I can say that I accomplished some yoga. It calms my mind and makes my body feel loose and ready for a hefty meal.

After having a well-balanced meal be sure to take care of you and get some work done, or participate in a hobby like painting, sports, or writing. Instead of coming home and sitting in front of a screen try to go out and be active if your body is telling you it needs it. Sometimes after a stressful thing, all I want to do is watch Greys Anatomy, but after an episode or two, I can tell my body needs to get moving.

This can all be done in the afternoon, either before or after dinner. Some things to do right before bed or at least an hour before can be: turning off your cell phone, brushing your teeth, moisturizing, applying a face mask, listening to music, cleaning up your space, and much more. Everyone has different routines that fit their needs. In order to be well-rested and be ready in the morning when that alarm goes off, it is nice to figure out what you need at night. Maybe you need to watch your favorite show before bed to help you fall asleep, or maybe you need absolutely no sound and no light so that the tiniest thing could wake you up.

The perfect skincare routine at night can make your skin glow in the morning; talk about morning dew! Try Lumière de Vie® Intense Rejuvenation Crème. It is a great moisturizer that leaves you feeling refreshed and like you just walked out of the spa. It is a great addition to any nighttime skincare routine.

Here are some of the staff’s top nighttime essentials:

  • Ice cream. I love ice cream and could eat it for every meal, but a scoop or two for dessert satisfies my obsession.

  • Going for a walk. I like to go for walks when I get home around my neighborhood or at a local park. It makes me feel better about my day.

  • No snacks. I try not to eat snacks at night and have a larger dinner meal. That way I am not tempted to pig out on a big bowl of popcorn right before bed.

Even if you are not a night owl, adding a few more things to your nighttime routine can benefit you days greatly. I have noticed an improvement in not only my attitude, but also my appearance from taking care of my skin more often.

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