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Resolutions to Realities

As we approach the halfway mark of 2020, all I can say is WOW. What a year it’s already been. From combating a global pandemic to fighting systemic injustices, this year has already served as one for the history books. Being that the happenings of the last six months feel like enough for a lifetime, let’s take time to shift the focus to you, for a moment. As we rang in the new year just a few short months ago (although it feels like an eternity), many of us made resolutions to ourselves that we would implement some form of change into our lives. Whether that meant waking up earlier, reading more often, or taking up a new hobby, any form of growth was sufficient enough. Although those pacts may feel insignificant in comparison to the problems of the world right now, you still deserve to prioritize your own well-being. Take a moment to reflect. Think back to those promises you once made. Have you followed through on them? Or have they been abandoned amidst the chaos of our new normal? If that is the case, it is perfectly fine and quite frankly, very understandable. However, your aspirations are not to be forgotten! We still have six months left of our year, and it is time to turn your resolutions into realities.

One great was to stay on top of your goals is to create a mood board. After all, your resolutions can’t be ignored when they are staring you right in the face. Find a few pictures that represent all that you wish to accomplish, and designate an area of space for posting them. For instance, if you promised yourself that 2020 would be the year where you watch every single Harry Potter movie, take a small canvas and plaster pictures of Harry Potter characters all over it. Although it may seem silly, looking at your beautiful collage of fictional characters will serve as a constant reminder of the goal you once set for yourself. Not only is creating a mood board a fun project in itself, it will also be your daily reminder that even with everything going on in the world, you do not need to put your aspirations on hold.

Another tool to conquering your resolutions is to share them with your loved ones. Friends and family serve as your largest support system and consequently, your most valuable tool in staying accountable. Your loved ones can also be the reminders you need to stay on track towards reaching your goals. Just as a calendar reminds you of important dates, friends and family are there to remind you of these important pacts that just six months ago, you vowed to accomplish. In opening up with these people in your life and asking for their support, your resolutions will soon become realities.

Although some may wish to fast forward to 2021and leave the madness of 2020 behind, we still have six great months left full of endless possibilities and immense potential. Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and use what is left of the year to fulfill the pacts you once made, as your well-being and aspirations are always important.

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