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Seasons of Skincare

Aside from the shifts in temperature, our skin serves as the biggest indicator of the changing seasons. In the summertime, we find ourselves battling excess oils. In the winter, we are constantly in combat with dry and flakey skin. All year round, we want to be both looking and feeling our best, so something has got to change. Since we cannot change the weather, we must make adjustments to our beauty regimens. I know that this can be confusing, but no need to worry! The Bella Beauty NYC team is here to guide you through all of the skincare essentials you should have on hand, leaving you prepared to tackle any seasonal shift.

As you spend time relishing in the summertime sun, you may have noticed some frustrating responses from your skin. Oftentimes, the humidity and warmth of the summer season take form as oil and blemishes on our skin. Although these challenges seem inevitable, we can help make them avoidable. First, the best free remedy for breakouts is sunshine. The powerful rays of vitamin D have been proven to significantly shrink any acne on the skin's surface. When spending time in the sun, however, it is vital that you wear proper SPF protection. Breakouts are temporary and tan lines fade, but skin damage is forever. To prevent this, be sure to apply some of the Cellular Laboratories® De-Aging Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ to not only protect yourself, but receive incredible anti-aging benefits in doing so. Another great tool to incorporate into your summertime skincare routine is the Lumière de Vie® Pore Minimizing Serum. After cleansing your skin, apply this lightweight serum to help shrink your pores and reduce the appearance of moisture and shine. This will help control your oil buildup in a multi-beneficial way. Coupled together, this sunscreen and serum make the ultimate summertime skincare duo.

Moving from one extreme to the other, the bitter temperatures of winter wreak havoc on our skin. I don’t know about you, but I feel as though the instant I step into the cold wind, my skin begins to crack. If you are also prone to dry patches and flaky skin, here are some hydrating products to keep on hand. The Lumière de Vie® Skincare Value Kit is a great three-step regimen packed with skin-loving ingredients. Built to provide the ultimate hydrative benefits, the cleanser, toner, and rejuvenation crème will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. If regimens aren’t your thing, the Skintelligence® Daily Moisture Enhancer is another great option, as it protects and moisturizes the inner tissues of the skin to promote hydration from the inside out. Couple this moisturizer with the occasional use of masks and scrubs, such as the Fixx™ Microdermabrasion facial scrub and the Lumière de Vie® Moisture Intense Facial Masque, to exfoliate away any dry skin and rehydrate the surface. In doing these things, you can consider your wintertime troubles a thing of the past.

The in-between seasons, also known as Fall and Spring, are a great time to experiment with products and find what works with you. Being that the climate conditions are neither too hot and humid nor too cold and dry, use this time to prepare for what is to come. Soon, you will have your skincare routine under control, and be ready to overcome any seasonal obstacle thrown your way.

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