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September Makeup Trends

Whether you are going back to school, or want to change up your look at work heading into Autumn, we are going all out with new makeup looks. Time to use that blue-tinted mascara that has been taking up space in your makeup collection. New makeup trends are arriving for the rest of 2020, and they are beautiful.

  • Pops of color: Try an unexpected pop of color with a bright blue eyeliner. Colorful liners are here to stay. It is a way to perk up your eyes, drawing attention to the windows of the soul. Pair your blue-lined peepers with a nude lip and some bold eyebrows. Add a little mascara to elevate your look.

  • Speaking of eyeliner, let’s draw some shapes. Geometric eyeliner is coming out of the woodwork to make a bold look even bolder. Exaggerated eye shapes include a thick cat-eye or jewels across your eyelids. Create a normal line of eyeliner across your lash line, then just above your natural crease create an arch to give it that floating effect. Finally, make sure to connect those lines to complete the look. To make the look even bolder, use a trendy white eyeliner.

  • Roses are Red and so are our lips! We all love a bold red lip. Line your lips, then apply another lip product to perfect the look. Lip gloss and lip shine both work beautifully. This Fall, red lips are the centerpiece. A dark red paired with minimal makeup, and smudged-out eyeliner will be perfect for those fall dates! For a soft finish on your lips, dab the color on your finger then apply to your lips. It can be more subtle this way, versus applying it right from the product.

  • Monochromatic for days. Fall brings out the best colors not only in the trees but also for our makeup looks. Neutrals that bring out your natural glow are not going anywhere this fall. Try Motives Gold Digger Eyeshadow Palette, with flattering shades for a monochromatic look. The color Inspiration is perfect for a purple/mauve look. Pair it with a light blush and you are good to go.

  • All-Natural. Natural and sustainable are becoming sweeping trends for 2020. Letting our brows become bushier and full, and giving our skin that natural glow is perfect for transitioning into Fall. Dewy skin with a healthy glow is just what we need on days we do not want a bold eye look or a red lip. THALIA X Motives® Viva Eye & Cheek Palette has natural shades for that no-makeup-makeup look. My favorite is the glowy highlighter.

Practice these trends, so you are ready for Fall to come. The leaves change, and so do our makeup looks. Make the last few months of 2020 as fabulous as these trends with a bold winged-eye look. We can’t wait to have a blast with these hot new products.

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