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Skintelligence®: What You Need to Know

Experimenting with new skincare products can be scary. Trust me, I get it. As someone who suffers from extremely sensitive skin, trying new products always comes with a sense of hesitance and fear, as I never know how my skin will react. However, with Bella Beauty NYC’s high priority of radiating beauty from the inside out, we are here to promote only the highest quality products that are guaranteed to make you feel your best. But, don’t just take my word for it. If you are anything like me and read through mountains of reviews before indulging in any product, our team is here to provide you with the details of a seven-day Skintelligence® trial, so you know just what to expect. They were formulated to give you the best skin possible, so let’s see how these products add up.

Day 1

Rani: Starting this off, I am a little bit nervous. I have oily skin and I usually only cleanse it and use a generic pimple solution. This is my first time trying out a longer skincare regimen. I am excited to see what it will look like in the morning

Ella: Although I have experimented with it, I have never really been big on skincare. Until now, every time I tried to use a cleanser it has actually caused my skin to break out. I am not sure whether it is because I have been using pharmacy products, or if it is simply because of my skin type. I guess we will see!

Day 2

Rani: When I woke up, my skin felt a little like an oily cooking pan. My acne definitely wasn’t irritated, and the redness went down. When we tried the regimen again later, I watered down the moisturizer and it got rid of the oily feel.

Ella: I haven’t seen a huge difference, but I definitely feel it. First of all, my skin isn’t as bumpy and I cannot see my pores as much as I used to. My face also feels clean and refreshed. Often when I used pharmacy products, my face would feel heavy after washing it, but now it feels lighter and more elastic.

Day 3

Rani: Last night I gave into my cravings and enjoyed some buttery pastries. Usually after doing this my skin turns oily and breaks out. Although my skin was more oily and had more pimples when I woke up, it still felt fine and healthy. My skin didn’t feel clogged or suffocated, it just broke out a little.

Ella: My favorite part of this regimen is not the actual washing, but how my skin feels. Before this, I would only feel refreshed after washing my face. Now, I wake up automatically feeling refreshed.

Day 4

Rani & Ella: Today was a lot easier than before. On day one it took us 15 minutes to figure out the routine, but now it takes less than 5. It is enjoyable, especially when we are taking part in it together. Getting used to the routine took a few days, but now it’s something that is fun to do and has good results.

Day 5

Rani & Ella: Today we tried the mask for the first time. The instructions say to only use it once or twice a week. When you first take out the mask it has an oil-like consistency, but hardens very quickly. While we wore it, we couldn’t move our faces and felt a bit of discomfort. Despite the glue-like consistency, it came off easily with just water. After washing it off, our skin felt smooth. It was an odd experience, but super enjoyable.

Day 6

Ella: Something surprising that I’ve noticed is how much this is helping with my under-eye bags. Because of the hydration, I no longer look tired all of the time.

Day 7

Rani: My skin is a lot better than before. The redness has come down and my skin has become smoother to the touch. My favorite part of this experience was how fun it became. I really enjoyed having an actual routine and it felt nice to take care of my skin.

Ella: I’m happy that I got into skincare. I understand that having healthy skin isn’t only about looks. It is meant to feel healthy and alive. I am definitely going to continue using this regimen!

After a full week of using the Skintelligence® Five-Piece Set regimen, both Rani and Ella were happy to report amazing results. Not only did their exterior troubles improve immensely, but they both felt amazing internally as well. With skin types ranging across all spectrums—from oily to dry and sensitive to tolerable—their words and results prove the wonders that this regimen holds. Try it out for yourself and experience the same magic! Also available in travel sizes!

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