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Tips from the Team!

These past few months have been times of major change and adjustment for us all. Students being sent home from school, adults being sent home from work, and for the first time in our lives, we have been mandated by the government to simply stay at home and relax. What a concept. Who knew that taking a step back to unwind could be so challenging? Although the idea may have been a foreign entity at first, after adapting to the “Stay At Home” lifestyle, our Bella Beauty NYC team has gathered tips to help you maintain your sanity while sheltering in place.

Bella Beauty NYC’s founder, Ella Gilad, has made the most of her time in quarantine by trying something new each and every day. From smaller feats, such as cooking new recipes, to larger ones, such as founding this very company, incorporating something new into her day-to-day routine has kept Ella sane and given her something to look forward to. Rather than letting the day slip away from her, Ella takes advantage of the extra time to do the things she lovesallowing her to constantly stay motivated.

Our lead social marketer, Hanna’s, best quarantine hack is to walk a few miles every day. Not only does movement encourage the flow of endorphins, but the outdoors promote a special calming energy. In addition to those benefits, being in the open air is also a great way to escape the confines of home in a safe and distant manner. As Hanna can attest, using walks as a break from day-to-day life is a great quarantine hack that will keep you feeling good both mentally and physically.

As Bella Beauty NYC’s blogger, my best piece of advice is to use your extra time to explore your passions, both old and new. I have always loved creative writing, but with the chaos of life getting in the way, I had neglected this passion. In working with Bella Beauty NYC, I have been able to bring attention back to my love of writing, serving as my outlet to keep me in check. No matter what your passions may be, I encourage you to focus on them now!

Mercedes, our influencer and outreach manager, makes the most of her quarantine by taking the time each night to list out 5 goals for the following day. In doing so, she wakes up with a clear idea of all she wants to tackle and accomplish. By taking just a few minutes to identify and write out her goals, Mercedes wakes up focused and motivated to get everything done.

One of Bella Beauty NYC’s social media team members, Kristen, has adopted a great productivity hack that will make your time fly by. Kristen chooses one album to listen to in chronological order and plays it from start to finishno skips or pauses. By the time the album is through, she has already been working for at least an hour, all while enjoying good music. If you are someone who takes frequent breaks while working, challenge yourself to use this hack of Kristen’s and see how much more you can get done.

Our videographer, Avantika, has used this time to take up podcasting while doing everyday activities, such as cooking. As an international student away from home, Avantika uses cooking as a way to stay connected to her loved ones in India. In doing so, she has found that podcasting is a fun and therapeutic way to pass the time, as it almost feels like she is cooking and conversing with a friend. Just as Kristen uses music, consider trying Avantika’s method of podcasting.

Laurie, social media team member extraordinaire, uses her quarantine time to have routine movie nights with her siblings. She gets to watch all of the movies on her list, while also spending quality time with her family—a double whammy. In the past, Laurie’s busy schedule had kept her from partaking in such activities, but with the extra at-home time she has now, Laurie is able to have fun doing things she enjoys with the people she loves. What could be better?

Like many of us, Bella Beauty NYC’s brand manager, Sue, first lacked motivation during quarantine. With the couch and TV so easily accessible, pushing to get stuff done was not an easy feat. However, instead of using her Netflix account as an excuse, she used it as motivation. Sue’s hack is to put on a dance or sport movie, such as Rocky and Step Up, on the screen while following along with an online workout. You too can use uplifting stories and energetic characters to keep you on track.

Yes, these past few months have been full of uncertainty, boredom, and confusion, but they no longer have to remain that way. By incorporating these few tips into your daily routine, you can begin making the most of your time spent at-home and even discover passions you never knew you had. By keeping an open mind, these unprecedented times may soon become the most influential moments of your life. See for yourself.

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