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Top Trends of 2020

2020 has served as a landmark year in many aspects. The makeup industry is no exception. With so much chaos in the world today, we often find it hard to block out all of the noise around us. However, the Bella Beauty NYC team is here to remind you that even in a year of unprecedented undertakings, we must not let the good be clouded by the bad. Sometimes, all we need is a little shift in perspective, and here’s yours. Rather than giving all of your focus to the global news, why not spend some time focusing on more positive news, such as the makeup trends of 2020 that we are living for. With creativity in the industry at an all-time high, the year of 2020 has given some incredibly fun, expressive, and exciting updates to the beauty stratosphere and we are here for it. So, let’s dive in and pay some thanks to all of these awesome trends.

This first trend needs no introduction: Neon. Although its title may consist of only one word, the Neon trend encompasses so much of what Bella Beauty NYC stands for. It radiates positivity, allows for self-expression, and adds a dash of light-hearted fun to every look. Neon eyes have been spotted everywhere, from runway shows to music videos. There really is no better way to add some personality to a makeup look than with some neon shades. Luckily, the Motives® Euphoria Eye Shadow Palette is a resource for anyone who wishes to try their hand at this trend. It’s full of eight fun colors, so replicating your own neon look is made easier than ever.

While on the topic of making a statement, the next trend, glitter, is a sure-fire way to attract the attention of those around you. In the past, glitter has typically been limited to the eyes. But, with all of the barriers that 2020 has broken thus far, it sure wasn’t gonna stop when it came to the uses of glitter. Now, makeup artists are using glitter as a tool for accentuating numerous parts of the face. From the cheeks to the bridge of the nose, quite literally, anything goes. Consider extending the use of the versatile Motives® Glitter Pots to other parts of your face to partake in the trend. Although you can never go wrong with a glitter look on the eyes, why not try it out? With seven vibrant and beautifully shiny shades, the world of glitter is your oyster.

In the list of trends, we cannot let floating eyeliner go unmentioned. As of late, numerous makeup icons can be spotted flaunting this look. At first, floating eyeliner appears complex, but it is actually quite simple. In order to partake, just draw an extended cat-eye with your liquid liner, add another line across the crease, and connect the two at the outside corner. To further the trend and even mix it up, try it with a neon eyeliner shade for a look that really pops. Consider using the Motives® Luxe Precision Eye Line in Carbon Black or the Motives® Long-Wearing Liquid Eyeliner in a vibrant blue to test out this look for yourself.

Of all the things that 2020 is, a time of iconic transformation in the makeup industry is one of them. By discussing just a few of the many fabulous trends going on right now, it is clear that the realms of beauty keep getting better and better. Let’s see what the rest of the year has in store!

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