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Trending In 2021: Colorful Mascara

Colorful mascara is coming along the ride from 2020 to 2021. Colored mascara is a favorite among celebrities, beauty bloggers, on the runway and editorials, and Instagram and Tik Tok. No matter your eye color, you can embrace this statement makeup look that is taking on traditional black and brown mascara. Colored mascara offers lashes that are evenly coated in stunning shades that are lifted and lengthened, lashes that are defined, separated, with long-wearing staying power, and dimension in juxtaposition to your eye color. Masks and face coverings will continue to be essential in the year ahead of us. The idea to switch up your makeup routine when only half of your face is visible is (you guessed it!) colored lashes.

Inching into the technicolor trend, colorful mascara can be as subtle or intense as you like. Here are recommended tips to try:

For darker lashes, use a white liquid eyeliner or white eyelash primer which can be applied before the colored mascara to make the color pop. Beginners, if you are not ready to dial up the drama just yet, just layer a colorful mascara over your favorite go-to black or brown mascara to add a tint to the lashes. Some easy ways to try colorful mascara is applying both the top and bottom lashes which enhance the effect and color. Try applying the vibrant hue of your choice to just your top or bottom lashes with . For a tinting effect with buildable impact, consider adding the same shade of eyeshadow and/or eyeliner for a gradual intensity. Alternatively, colorful mascara is a statement on its own. You can keep the focus on the eyes by leaving the rest of the

face bare and minimal. Complement the colored mascara with a neutral gloss on the lips and tinted moisturizing glow.

Taking the trend further, try matching your lipstick to your mascara for a monochromatic effect. Bold lips are also trending in 2021, even as we navigate mask mandates. Look for lipstick with staying power, they are highly pigmented and transfer -proof so you can confidently wear them under a mask. Multi-colored looks are seen by makeup artists using two colored mascaras for two-toned lashes. Consider using one color for the top lashes and the other for the bottom. Apply fine coats to build color once the initial coat has dried. For a daring approach that may not be a part of everyone’s everyday go-to routine, consider matching your colorful mascara with colorful eyebrows.

Unsure of which color to choose? Let’s turn to makeup color theory and your eye color.

If we follow the makeup color wheel, complimentary color schemes are two colors on the opposite of the wheel. Complimentary colors result in contrasting color combinations that through makeup deliver intense high-impact pigments and formulas.

Brown eyes are made up of red, yellow, and blue undertones. Deep brown and black eyes have blue undertones. The complimentary color to brown is blue, making blue the recommended first colored mascara to try. In contrast to the blue undertones of brown, the opposite of blue is orange. Eyeshadow and eyeliner colors to make deep brown and black eye colors appear brightened and enhanced are: copper, warm reddish brown shades, peachy shimmers, and true orange hues. Brown eyes with yellow or golden flecks can look to violet, cool rosy or soft pink shimmers, and lavender shades. Brown with red undertones can look to green, bronze browns, true mauves, and teal tones.

Green eyes are a combination of blue and yellow undertones. Green eyes are usually categorized as green, yellow-green, and blue-green eyes. To make green eyes pop, look towards burgundy and red mascaras, which began trending on Tik Tok in 2020. Other pigments for green eyes to consider are brick-red, cool pink shimmers, plums, and deep red-purples. To enhance green eye color, use eyeshadow and eyeliners that are deep blue or green, navy, teal blue, and blue-black tones.

Hazel eyes are a mix of brown and green undertones. The complimentary color for hazel eyes is purple, the highly suggested colored mascara. Opting for eyeshadow and eyeliner shades like metallic golds, olive greens, can enlarge and intensify the lighter flecks in the eyes.

Blue eyes have the complimentary color orange which emphasizes the shimmer of the iris. Shades of orange such as coral, champagne, terracotta, and gold gradually intensifies the light nature of blue eyes. Eyeshadows and eyeliner colors for blue eyes include blue, green, violet, and warm tones such as khaki, rosy shimmers, and warm natural browns.

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