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Understand Affirmations

An affirmation is a short, powerful statement that allows us to take a moment to be in control of our thoughts. When you say or think them, they become the thoughts that shape our behavior, thinking patterns, habits, and environment. When we consciously think positive thoughts, it will become easier to combat the negative ones that often take over. To affirm is to say something positive; when we affirm, we are declaring positive thoughts and feelings and asserting our truths. By making these positive declarations part of our daily routine, we teach our brain to prioritize positivity over negativity. Bella Beauty has compiled a list of affirmations for you to try out:

  1. I am beautiful, inside and out.

  2. I grow more loving each day.

  3. I see the true beauty in myself.

  4. I am beautiful the way I am.

  5. I have the power to change my life.

  6. I am a lovable person.

  7. I make time to nourish my mind, body, and soul.

  8. I speak and treat myself with compassion.

  9. I love to take care of myself.

  10. I love my skin and treat it with respect.

  11. I accept myself unconditionally.

  12. I realize that accepting myself is the first step in growing and evolving.

  13. I am in control of how I react, show up, and give love.

  14. I will focus on doing my part as best as I know how.

  15. I am present.

  16. I am standing strong through adversity.

  17. I am validating myself and my feelings.

  18. I trust that what is meant for me will be mine.

  19. I am committed to working towards self-confidence.

  20. I am showing myself self-forgiveness and grace.

Sometimes we may believe that affirmations are unrealistic or classify them as “wishful thinking,” when affirmations are actually repetitive exercises for our mind. It is just like when we work out for our physical health. When we start our mornings with affirmations, it establishes a day rooted in giving love and compassion. When we repeat those affirmations before bed, we ensure that we are loving ourselves as we go to sleep. Consistency is key. Will you try repeating affirmations each morning and night? Let us know!

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