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What You Didn’t Know Has Been Holding You Back From Feeling Flawless

Have you been dousing your face in chemically concentrated products and still failing to feel your best? Well, the key to unlocking a flawless complexion may be in elements you never knew about. Do you think I’m crazy? At first, you might. But, after reading this, you will change your mind and outlook forever.

On the journey to feeling fabulous, everyone immediately pays attention to the skin. While skin does make up a large majority of your complexion, it is not the only element. To get the most out of your skincare routine and both look and feel your best, shift your focus away from just your skin. Hone in on the specific elements that form your complexion. Here are some specialized treatments to ensure that every part of you is cared for in the right way.

Do you consider your complexion to be made up of just your face? Don’t forget about your neck, which should not and cannot be abandoned in the pursuit of flawlessness. Luckily, Bella Beauty NYC brings you the Lumière de Vie® Advanced Firming Neck Crème. This innovative product strengthens and smoothes the fragile skin along the neck for a firmer appearance and anti-aging benefits. This treatment both moisturizes and brightens your skin, refreshing its texture and leaving you looking and feeling your best.

Moving on up, taking care of your lips requires more than just the occasional chapstick application. Consider using a lip scrub to rid your lips of any dead, dry, and flaky skin. This will allow them the fullest potential of proper healing and subsequently, a beautiful appearance.

The Motives® MUAH Vanilla Lip Scrub is a gentle yet effective scrub that will buff away dry skin and leave your lips ready for proper treatment. After using, apply the Motives® 40FY® Lip Treatment, specially formulated to sooth, plump, hydrate, and protect your lips. (40FY = “Fortify.”) In conjunction, these two products will leave your lips looking and feeling lovely, allowing you to say goodbye to dry cracks forever.

Next, we reach the eyes. Yes, the use of shadows and mascaras can mask visible insecurities. But let’s take care of those insecurities! In comes the VitaShield® Intensive Eye Firming Treatment. By applying the eye firming treatment to the areas surrounding the eyes, you will receive an array of benefits that help defend against and minimize the appearance of stress, fatigue, and aging. With a highly specific formula intended to smooth wrinkles, induce collagen IV synthesis, and reduce puffiness, this treatment truly is the key to proper eye care.

In narrowing your focus on the specific components of your complexion, you will begin to achieve a feeling of beauty you never knew was possible. So, consider yourself in the dark no longer. Take care of all of you in order to feel like the best you. It’s as simple as that!

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