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You Are Enough

Self-Love: a concept that is so seemingly simple, yet one that so many people struggle with finding. As human beings, we are a species like no other. The things that we have accomplished are extraordinary, and those that we will accomplish in the future have endless potential. With that being said, why are we not consistently relishing in pride? Why do we find ourselves stuck in emotional ruts that appear to have no escape? The reason is that our emotions have no off-switch. Although it is true that we are able to feel excited, happy, and prideful, we are also able to feel sadness, hurt, and pain. Feeling this way is challenging, but it is up to you to fix your mindset and shift your outlook into one of kindness and positivity. After all, that is what you deserve. The Bella Beauty NYC team is here to help you see that. Together, let’s journey on a path to loving ourselves in the ways that we should.

The first step to self-love is accepting yourself as you are. If you are constantly trying to fix yourself, whether that be internally or externally, you will never feel happy about where you are. Although setting goals and aspiring to affect change can lead to a great mentality, it is only this way if your goals are centered around positivity. So, if you are a goal-oriented person, there is no need to forgo this driven quality. Instead of creating goals that revolve around change, consider setting goals for yourself that center around adding positive light into your life. For example, challenge yourself to reach out to old friends whom you haven’t talked to in a while. Or, dare yourself to implement something new into your daily routine. Whether that be meditation, reading, journaling, or more, simply make it your goal to do something new for yourself that will bring positivity to your day.

On that note, the next step to loving yourself is taking the time to do things that you enjoy. In the chaos of the world, it is easy to let our busy schedules cloud any time we have for ourselves. Although we have been allotted more time at home, that also comes with the constant pressure to feel productive and get stuff done. Living in this sort of cycle can become toxic. Have you been burning yourself from both ends? It may seem that nothing is enough. However, that mindset is far from the truth. In order to be our best selves, we must also set aside the time to do what makes us feel our best. For some that takes form in exercise. For others, that may mean scheduling brunch with friends. No matter what it may be for you, it is vital that you set aside the time to do so—for your mood, your mind, and your soul. In doing so, you will feel the best you have ever felt and be more than ready to tackle the world around you.

The last step to self-love is reassurance. Being inconsistent in your thoughts is completely normal. One minute, you feel unstoppable, and the next you feel incapable. In times like these, you must serve as your own cheerleader and tell yourself just how amazing you are. Perfection is unachievable, so stop beating yourself up when things go wrong. Instead of thinking in this way, tell yourself that you tried and that is all that matters. Look at yourself in the mirror and recite five qualities that you love about yourself. Tell yourself that you are strong, you are worthy, and you are enough. Constant reassurance is one of the best ways to drill not only these thoughts, but the overall self-love mindset into your brain. If you do so often enough, you will be on your way to loving yourself at all times.

As human beings, it can be hard at times to see yourself in the light that others see you. After all, we are our own worst critics. However, it is time to change that. In utilizing these tips and realizing how incredible you are, the journey to self-love will be a breeze. It is time you give yourself the praise we all know you deserve.

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